2/21/79 Dr. Karl & Barbara Scheffrahn started a Bible study in their home on Molly Lane, Mineola.

5/1/79 As attendance grew, they moved to Dale & Ann Boyles’ Arbor Oaks Camp for Sunday services.

8/21/79 The original name considered was “Lake Country Baptist Church.”

9/7/79 Dr. Robert Lightner, Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, accepted the pastorate and suggested the name “Lake Country Bible Church.” The name was adopted; the Constitution & Bylaws were written in the next few months.

12/9/79 Needing more space, a room was leased at the Mineola Civic Center each Sunday from 9 am to 12 noon through July 1981. Occasionally when the Center was not available, services were held at Mineola Savings & Loan.

7/80 Dr. Lightner resigned.

9/14/80 Tom Houston, Professor at Dallas Bible College, became part-time pastor. His wife, Betty, came with him each Sunday.

7/15/81 The home and property of E. Q. Hearn, 1402 N. Pacific, was purchased. A partition was removed downstairs, Mr. Hearn’s old office was turned into a nursery and the adjacent shed was remodeled.

8/81 Pastor Houston borrowed a load of folding chairs from the Bible college and 70 people attended Sunday school & church in what is now the library. Services were followed by “dinner on the ground.”

End of 1981 Mrs. Gladys Lankford donated $30,000, and later an additional $11,560, to build the present sanctuary as a memorial to her son, Giles. With steel, concrete work and painting contracted out, the rest of the building was completed by men and women in the church: Ken & Peggy Thomson, Lyle Baker, Roy & Janie True, Reveau Stewart, Nolan Denison, Charles Ripley, Ferris Paggett, and others.

3/7/82 Chairs, a piano & an organ were donated and the first service was held in the new sanctuary.

8/83 For 2 years, Providence Christian School leased the building for classes.

9/4/83 Pastor Houston resigned.

4/84 John Sweigart became full-time pastor. He came with his wife, Young; children, Joshua & Daniel; and his mother, Gertrude.

8/86 Pastor Sweigart resigned.

9/86 – 8/88 Tom Houston returned to preach on Sundays while Craig Lacy taught mid-week services, an adult Sunday school class and filled the pulpit when needed.

11/20/88 Craig Lacy consented to be pastor, teacher and shepherd.

1994 The “Creeping, Crawling, Construction Crew” expanded the new sanctuary and added more classrooms.

2009 A Portico and Restrooms were added to the front of the Church building

2017 Pastor Lacy Retired Jun15, 2017

2017 Tony Rosas consented to be Senior Pastor and started Jun18, 2017

2018 Pastor Rosas resigned, Dec23, 2018